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{All Code} {Session Info} {Updates} I recently posted a GIF of our new transcriptomics clustering in the form of a tSNE plot, which appears to resolve from a cloud of random points into a nice, orderly structure. Below, I’ll show how this was built with the help of gganimate, tweenr, and of course ggplot2 in R. Fun with gganimate and tweenr while I wait for our ms to get through @biorxivpreprint screening.


Recent Publications

. Shared and distinct transcriptomic cell types across neocortical areas. On bioRxiv, 2017.

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. Distinct descending motor cortex pathways and their roles in movement. On bioRxiv, 2017.

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. A suite of transgenic driver and reporter mouse lines with enhanced brain cell type targeting and functionality. On bioRxiv, 2017.

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